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has worked in the building industry for over 43 years starting his career as a Building Cadet under the NZ Master Builders guidance (this was a 5 year course and Derek was one of the first in NZ to enter into this scheme). He was transferred, after 3 years, to a subsidiary of the Building Contractor, a sub-contractor specialising in Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Electrical,  Plumbing & Drainage. Derek  became  a shareholder of this company and in 1984 the  business was taken over by the first of several  large multi-national businesses. Jumping ahead 25 years Derek has been submerged in the corporate world  in a range of senior  positions  attained (Hawkes Bay Branch Manager, Central Region Manager, NZ Planned Maintenance Manager and NZ Leadership groups) .   Although he took a while to turn the full circle, Derek  is delighted to be returning  to the private company sector. Derek has also spent the same  number of years (43) with the Napier Pirate Rugby Club for which he has served in most of the  senior contributing positions (some several times) and has been rewarded with a Life Membership of the Club. He  has  also served on the Management committee of the Hawkes Bay Rugby Union.


has worked in the building industry for 39 years starting his career as an apprentice at the same company where Derek was a cadet thus the beginning of their working relationship. Don successfully completed his apprenticeship  and attained Trade Certificate and moved up to the position of site foreman and ran many large heating & ventilation and air conditioning contracts in Hawkes Bay. In 1984 Don’s career followed that of Derek’s into the corporate world and a successful venture for Don resulted. He moved from the contracting to the service side of the HVAC trade in 1985 (had short stints back in contracting at various stages when the work situation required him to –  such as working in Russia) and has carried out varied roles in this area of his expertise. Don has been service supervisor with staff reporting to him as well as being the  Hawkes Bay branch Environmental Health & Safety Supervisor. Don is IQP registered (Independently Qualified Person) under the Building Act and is listed to perform this role in the Napier City Council, Hastings District Council, Gisborne District Council and the Taupo District Council areas.  Another of Don’s interests  in life is fishing,  and  he  has contributed a lot to the local Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club where he has held executive positions.