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Our Services

HBPM Ltd has its "engine" the PM-Online system that offers the ability to add construction sub-trades or services to their core business of Building Act compliance.

Maintenance tests that have to be carried out on plant and equipment only need to be identified and downloaded to the on-site Technicians PDA thereby recording exactly what work is required to be carried out. Reports on the planned maintenance service are available to the client on the web soon after the completion of the service. Because the Technician is not on site filling in forms and completing reports there is a significant cost saving in favour of the client.

Thereafter HBPM will attend to the defects and/or remedial work that have been detected from the service. This can be managed with a pre-agreed dollar limit or a per a quote if so required. HBPM offers "Peace of Mind" solutions to its clients and will take care of all Building Warrent of Fitness procedures that are required before the issue of the certificate.

HBPM has available to its client's experienced trade's staff that will ensure that the work performed is of a consistent and high standard resulting in cost effective service.

We specialise in Planned Maintenance, Service work and Instalation of:

Air conditioning
Heating & Ventilation
Fire Protection
Gas Services
Mechanical Services
Building Act 2004 obligations
IQP legalisation
Means of Escape
Final exits

Our planned Maintenance System can be adjusted to suit any situation or service that the client may require.


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