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Hawke's Bay Planned Maintenance Ltd

is a Hawke's Bay owned and operated company specialising in Planned Maintenance . The company takes the field of Planned Maintenance into a new era with the use of the pm-online planned maintenance system in relation to Building Warrant of Fitness obligations. HBPM holds a licence for this product that uses hand held computers, bar coding and the web to transfer information to the on-site technician from the company records. This enables the technician to correctly perform the maintenance checks and upon completion the results are forwarded from the site by the hand held computer to the clients file on the HBPM web. This confidential information is then available to the client by using a code that is pre-arranged with HBPM. This is a paperless system and the client is not paying for the Technician to fill out forms  and schedules, or for an administrator to process in readiness for the client to view. The technicians role for HBPM is to carry out the maintenance checks and any resulting repairs. This is, after all, what they are trained to do. The client can, at any time, check their file on the web site to see the state of their buildings as well as note the progress of the service.


Although HBPM is specialising in compliant features of the Building Act 2004 (replacement for the repealed Building Act 1991) in relation to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Fire Protection, Lifts or any other Compliant features covered under the Act, it is not restricted to these tasks alone and non-compliant service on the afore mentioned  features will also be carried out. The pm-online system will handle any other type of maintenance or checks that the client wishes HBPM to be responsible for.


HBPM will ensure that the labour employed to carry out the work is of the highest calibre, well qualified and trained to do service work correctly. We will always be able to assure our  customers  that we will not  be  surpassed in our  objective to have good positive and open communication  resulting  in “Peace Of Mind” for the client.

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